Uncategorized December 15, 2022

Bird Watching in the Skagit Valley

Yesterday I headed out to the Skagit Valley for some bird watching! I beat the sunrise, so I stopped in downtown Mt. Vernon for coffee and a bagel sandwich from Ristrettos, yum! Then I headed along the River Walk Trail and further south of town. I was treated to sunrise lighting up the trees and river. A great blue heron, mallards, and red-tailed hawk watched me as I watched them. Then I headed out to the flats to look for trumpeter swans. What a treat to hear their songs as they glide into the field in pairs!

Waterway to walk along and bird watch on Britt Rd, south Mt. Vernon.

Gorgeous view along the Riverwalk trail as the sun rose.

Great blue heron in the waterway.

Red-tailed hawk

Sunlight along the Mt. Vernon Riverwalk trail.

Trumpeter swans in a field.


Many of these pictures were taken walking distance to a currently listed home, Mt. Vernon’s first net-zero home in fact! This home produces more energy from it’s solar panels than it consumes. Come to the open house this weekend if you are looking for small town living in a gorgeous home that is walkable to shops and restaurants, and bird habitat!

Click here to learn more about the 1724 Walter Street home.